Support 4 Memory

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Concerned about your memory?

Worried about your ability to manage familiar tasks?

Feeling anxious in new situations or surroundings?

Supporting someone with memory concerns?

Support 4 Memory enables you to share early experiences and concerns about significant memory loss and dementia, in a supportive and understanding small group setting. The free course of 6 weekly sessions provide information to deepen your understanding, and opportunities to explore some of the challenges and develop coping strategies to help you regain control. You will also find out about other services and support networks available, and be helped to build a network of support.

The service is designed to support people with dementia (or significant cognitive impairment) with a relatively recent diagnosis or with substantive concerns about their memory. Family carers, friends, or supporters are also welcome to attend sessions – with or without their person with memory concerns.

Course Outline

Session 1          Welcome & Introductions
Session 2          Understanding Dementia (part 1)
Session 3          Understanding Dementia (part 2)
Session 4          Forward planning (inc Lasting Power of Attorney)
Session 5          Living Well & Staying Healthy
Session 6          Review and Next Steps

Sessions are interactive and responsive to specific individual needs/concerns. There is flexibility and scope to focus on and explore themes and topics that emerge and are relevant to members of the group. If there are particular concerns around memory loss, or the changes in your ability to carry out everyday tasks and cognitive functioning, that you would like us to include, please let us know as there will be time to do so in the later sessions.

The course is facilitated in a safe, inclusive, welcoming and confidential environment by two highly-knowledgeable and experienced members of our team. We want you to feel comfortable and supported to share your experiences, ideas and concerns. Please let us know if we can do anything to make the sessions more positive and helpful to you.

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Suitable For

People with mild dementia
and / or
Carers of people with dementia


Wednesday  (6 week course)


10.45 - 1.15


The Health Centre
84-86 London Road
MK42 0NT