Suggested Reading

The national Reading Well - Books on Prescription Scheme now supports people with dementia & their carers
- see their website for more information or ask about the scheme at your local library.

The literature below has been suggested by members of our Tibbs community - as being informative or beneficial to living well with dementia.

•     Dancing With Dementia :
       My Story of Living Positively with Dementia
       Christine Bryden

•     What the hell happened to my brain?
       Kate Swaffer

•     Nothing About Us, Without Us!
       Christine Bryden

•     Who Will I Be When I Die?
       Christine Bryden

•     Dementia : Support for Family and Friends
       Dave Pulsford & Rachel Thompson

•     Where Memories Go
       Sally Magnusson

•     Elizabeth Is Missing (fiction)
       Emma Healey

•     Dementia Reconsidered : The Person Comes First
       (Rethinking Ageing)
       Tom Kitwood

•     Contented Dementia :
       A Revolutionary New Way of Treating Dementia :
       24-hour Wraparound Care for Lifelong Well-being
       Oliver James

•     Creativity and Communication in Persons With Dementia :
       A Practical Guide
       John Killick & Claire Craig

•     Living Better with Dementia
       Shibley Rahman

•     Perspectives on Rehabilitation and Dementia
       Mary Marshall