Our Services

We Provide a Complete Range of Services

        •     for people with dementia and their family carers
        •     to attend both separately and together
        •     to support cognitive, physical, emotional and overall wellbeing
        •     throughout the whole of peoples' dementia journeys

To Achieve Our Aims


        •     to encourage & support people to live well with dementia
        •     to help people to stay living in the local community
        •     to reduce people's isolation & improve overall quality of life
        •     to create a genuinely dementia-friendly community

For People With Dementia (or Cognitive Impairment)

(from pre-diagnosis to end-stage dementia)


•     Information & Advice
•     Peer Support
•     Cognitive Stimulation
•     Music Therapy (group & individual)
•     Physical Activities
•     Social Opportunities

For Family Carers & Supporters

(of people with dementia / cognitive impairment)

Information copy

•     Information & Advice
•     Peer Support
•     Counselling (individual & group)
•     Music Therapy
•     Physical Activities
•     Social Opportunities

For more information take a look at our Service Timetable and Services Summary